Author: John Garvey

Solar and Wind: Why Choose One?

Solar and Wind: Why Choose One? Why, some might ask, are we pursuing both solar and wind energy generation projects? Why not pick the one with the better payoff and stick with it? Consider this: If you live in Northern Colorado you’ve probably been awakened at night by heavy winds. You may also have gotten an unexpected sunburn or two in the winter because, even in the coldest winter months, sunlight is an abundant resource in the Front Range. While we have plenty of both resources, the promises they hold are not without challenges. Intermittency is one of the...

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State of the Sun: Solar Energy in Northern Colorado

When President Jimmy Carter installed solar panels in the White House in 1979, he was making a point, but it wasn’t about solar energy’s economic viability. At the time, the cost of solar panels, or photovoltaics, was about $40 per kilowatt of generation capacity, which would render household energy bills sky-high. However, since 1977—the first year for which data is available—the cost of solar energy from solar panels has fallen by about 99.5 percent. Colorado has favorable conditions for those interested in investing in solar panels: 300 days of sunshine a year; high elevation, resulting in more intense sunlight,...

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Making a Business Case for Sustainability

Some NOCO companies are walking the talk and taking their responsibility to the environment seriously. Here’s a PR tip: People who care about environmental stewardship are a bit wary of the term “green,” which gets thrown around a lot. That said, you’d be surprised how many Northern Colorado companies have prioritized waste reduction and resource efficiency, pioneering new technologies or adopting processes to curb pollution. Here are three of them. Clean Air Lawn Care Sustainability is, for some businesses, a call to arms. When Kelly Giard founded Clean Air Lawn Care in Fort Collins in 2006, it was inspired...

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