On a recent snowy evening, we celebrated the Reader’s Choice Best of NOCO businesses with a party and a private, invitation-only performance of Steel Magnolias at the Lincoln Center. The all-female OpenStage cast was fantastic. The storyline, which tugs at anyone’s heartstrings, is about the strength of women, both in life and in friendship. The play runs through February 16. I encourage you to have a date night or a girls’ night out to take in the show.

In the short time I’ve owned NOCO Style, this is our second season as a producing sponsor of an OpenStage production. I’m honored to support performing arts in our community and especially proud of Bruce and Denise Freestone for founding OpenStage Theatre and keeping it thriving since 1973. Not only have they each served as director, designer, technician and producer, but often you will find them onstage as well playing a character. Check out Denise’s performance as Ouiser Boudreaux (my favorite character!) in this play.

In February our attention begins to focus on another kind of production: weddings. Planning season is upon us, and celebrating love and marriage in Northern Colorado is as good as it gets. This issue of NOCO Style features some gorgeous wedding venues around the area, suiting everyone’s tastes for mountain air, hay and horses, taps and tours, and NOCO modern. The venue really tells a lot about the couple and their lifestyle, but you can also express your NOCO spirit in your choice of dress, music and even goodies for the gift bags you share with your attendees.

We hope our compilation of everything wedding will provide inspiration for you or a friend or family member who may be tying the knot this year.