William Maestas – NOCO’s 30 Under 30

William Maestas

Wedding Planning & Event Management


Tell us about yourself, your history and how you came to be where you are now. 
When I was 16, I became interested in the fashion and modeling industries. By the time I was 19, I had walked numerous runways in Denver at shows such as Red Ball, RAW Artists, private designer showcases and Denver Fashion Week (DFW). I then began pursuing a fashion retail management degree at the Art Institute and interned for 303 Magazine. Since then, I have produced many of my own shows, co-produced DFW and assisted backstage at New York Fashion Week!  

What are you passionate about professionally and personally, and why? 
While I do love all things fashion, beauty and luxury, I have a very strong passion for fundraising and philanthropic endeavors. I love bringing people together to enjoy unique experiences that make a difference in the community. As an event producer, creative director and photographer, I believe in creating one of a kind, personalized, high-end events and quality images for a wide range of clients,  and maintaining long lasting connections with them.   

What is your superpower? 
My superpower is bringing people together. I couldn’t do any of the things I have done without the support of others. I am lucky to have so many amazing and talented friends.   

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment, either professionally or personally? 
Honestly, getting through this past year has been a huge accomplishment in my personal life. My mom passed away on August 4, 2021. I know she would be so proud of me for receiving this nomination.   

Who has been the biggest influence in your life? 
My mom, of course. She always pushed me to do the things I loved and constantly reminded me to persevere.   

Where do you see yourself in five years? In 10 years? 
I definitely feel like the city is calling me… I’m not sure which city… but a city. I love Denver, so that may be my next destination, but I am always looking for opportunities.   

What piece(s) of advice would you give to your
18-year-old self?
Save your money!! I am so bad about it, but I am definitely getting better. Also, be confident. You look great even if you don’t think you do.   

What do you enjoy doing in your downtime?
In my downtime I love spending time with friends, family and my cat, Gucci. I also enjoy great food and cocktails, traveling when I can, spending time up at Horsetooth in the summer and photography. My version of self-care is tacos and margaritas.  

What would you like to give back to your community? 
I want to give back unforgettable experiences, funds that weren’t available before, and opportunities to people that wouldn’t normally have them. I want to open people’s minds to the beauty and art that is fashion. We have so much local talent that needs to be seen and appreciated.