The Youth Clinic has named Kylie Becker as the 2021 recipient of its Growing Healthy Kids High School Scholarship. The Fossil Ridge High School senior’s primary provider is Dr. Amy Bailey, MD, who has been a pediatrician at The Youth Clinic since 2008.

The Youth Clinic Growing Healthy Kids High School Scholarship application requires students to turn in an essay describing a time they had to overcome a challenge. Essays are scored based on theme and content, organization and development, grammar, mechanics, and style.

In the winning essay, Becker documents her personal experiences from being diagnosed with a brain tumor at a young age. Becker’s submission was selected both for surpassing the requirements, and for her story’s powerful impact as an inspiring written piece on optimism and gratitude.

“If no one ever struggled in life, no one would ever grow. Happiness comes through every struggle,” said Becker. “My brain tumor forever changed my perspective. My positive spirit and appreciation for simple things has carried with me since. I make a conscious effort to maximize every day simply because I’m in good health.”

After recovering from a successful surgery, Becker found a way to give back to the hospital that saved her life. Through her role as Publicity Director with Colorado DECA – Becker proposed that fundraising efforts benefit the Children’s Hospital Colorado. Her proposal won and Colorado DECA now has a goal to raise at least $10,000 for the Children’s Hospital Colorado this year.

With the help of The Youth Clinic’s $1,000 scholarship, Becker plans to attend Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona beginning in Fall of 2021 to pursue a major in Business Administration or Marketing.

“With this fresh outlook, I capitalize on the meaningful opportunities life offers and inspire others to live with this same uplifting attitude,” said Becker.

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