By definition, our roundup of NOCO’s 18 iconic golf holes couldn’t capture every great hole in the region. The final list was winnowed down from a roster of about 50 candidates, one of which was the 13th hole at TPC Colorado. It was hard to leave that one out of our article, for this reason: At 773 yards, it’s the longest hole in Colorado and one of the longest in the nation. (There’s an 841-yard monster back East somewhere, which is rated a par 6.)

TPC Colorado describes #13 as

a full three-shot hole to even the best players. Upon arriving in the landing area, players will be faced with “Hell Bunker.” Laying up short of “Hell Bunker” on the second shot will leave players with a third shot approaching 200 yards in length. Ending up anywhere in the bunker could leave players with a shot that could be advanced towards the green or a lay-up shot that needs to be put back in play wherever possible.

Unfortunately the NOCO Style SkyDrone is grounded this week for repairs, so we can’t give you a flyover video. But here’s a simulation using Google Earth. “Hell Bunker” glides by on your left: