NOCO is full of committed animal lovers, as our April feature on pet fosters can attest. NOCO visitors apparently share the same trait. Per the Loveland Reporter-Herald:

Matthew Glatz drove nearly 1,200 miles to the Larimer Humane Society to pick up Amelia — an emaciated dog he had found on a remote trail in the Poudre Canyon in January. . . . The duo is headed home to Maine after Glatz officially adopted Amelia on Monday, April 1.

The dog weighed a scant 34 pounds when Glatz rescued her, and she was too weak to travel back to Maine with him when his vacation ended. He dropped Amelia at the CSU vet school, which handed her off to Larimer Humane. Turns out the poor pooch was suffering from heartworm, which required two months of treatment before Glatz could come back and get her.  The Humane Society’s vets think Amelia had been living rough for about six months. It’s a bit of a miracle she never became a meal for a mountain lion or some other hungry predator.

If you’re inclined to adopt, there’s never a shortage of animals in need. Check out our pet foster feature for a peek at some animals who are currently looking for a new home.