Lucky Blu Ranch Raises Mini Cattle with Big Rewards

When you step into Lucky Blu Ranch in Loveland’s foothills, you’ll be greeted by a wave of adoration. It’s impossible not to feel a surge of joy when you see big brown eyes peering out from the shaggy bangs of the micro and miniature Scottish Highland, Jersey and HighPark Cattle.

The breeding ranch, which also offers farm-fresh eggs and pork, recently introduced public events that allow you to bottle feed and interact with the animals, engage in a Highland 3D craft project or even celebrate a special occasion.

“It warms my heart to watch others fall in love with our herd and to share insights about the Highlands, Jerseys, pigs and chickens residing on the ranch,” says co-owner AJ Heiser. “Just the other day, a group joined us to bottle-feed our miniature Jersey calf, Honey Bunn, who cozied up and nodded off in a visitor’s lap. Our Highland girls are soaking up the attention, brushes, hugs, and treats from our guests.”

Falling in love with Highlands

Surprisingly, the story for Lucky Blu Ranch didn’t start with a cow. It began in 2022 with two dogs (Lucky and Blu) and four chickens, which quickly multiplied to 70 hens, a pregnant Hereford cow and a gentle Highland bull named Sammy. Highlands are known for their easy, gentle temperament, which inspired owners AJ, a firefighter, and his wife, Janelle, a teacher, to delve into the world of micro and mini cattle breeding.

The majority of miniature Highland breeders are situated in the Midwest, though there are a few located in Colorado. The Highland breeding community is incredible, AJ says, and others are always ready to share their wealth of knowledge and lend a hand. His family has enjoyed every bit of the adventure.

“They greet us with ‘moos’ the instant they see us walk outside and follow us around for treats and a good brushing,” AJ says. “This is one of the advantages of operating a smaller ranch; we have the opportunity to truly get to know each of their unique personalities and interact with them daily. Because of this, they are gentle and comfortable around people.”

Visit Lucky Blu

The Heiser family is ready to share their ranch and the enthusiasm and joy they have for it with Northern Colorado residents. Visit for an updated events calendar to meet and feed the animals this summer, or head to their Facebook page to order eggs and pick them up at the ranch, which sits just north of Carter Lake. You can also preorder bacon and whole and half pig portions for fall 2024 delivery on the website.

As AJ and Janelle add more event days at Lucky Blu ranch, visitors can see the addition of new family members.

“Our young HighPark micro bull, Cash, will soon assume the role of herd sire in the upcoming cycle,” AJ says. “We cannot wait to see the adorable offspring from our tiny man.”

AJ and Janelle encourage their two baseball-loving sons to dream big, and Lucky Blu Ranch is a testament to their family’s passion and dedication as everyone pitches in. The boys sell free-range eggs for $3 per dozen to support their baseball fund.

“We are quite the busy family, especially during baseball season, but there is something so peaceful about coming home to the ranch and taking care of the animals,” Janelle says. “It allows us to bond as a family, working together to tackle tasks as well as instilling many life lessons into our boys. They’ve come to understand that setbacks are part of the journey, and sometimes, all it takes is a step back, a laugh and an appreciation for the privilege of caring for these adorable, albeit occasionally stubborn animals.”