Kerianne Los- NOCO’s 30 Under 30 (2023)

By: Staff



Q: What’s your occupation? Explain your career, your accomplishments and professional highlights.

A: I’m a registered dietitian and private trainer. People come to me when they’ve tried everything: the fad diets, the “get fit quick” schemes, etc. They feel burnt out, broken and sometimes hopeless. With my comprehensive coaching approach and education, I’ve helped hundreds of people achieve the results they’ve longed for, rebuild their confidence and feel empowered in their health and fitness journeys. Additionally, I’m the director of operations and director of personal training/nutrition at Pursuit Private Training Facilities, where I manage 15 coaches and am the integrator between all branches of the business.

Q: Tell us about yourself, your history and how you came to be where you are now.

A: I moved to Colorado from Illinois in 2016 after graduating college. I had no job, plan or any idea what I was doing. I juggled three jobs to pay my bills. Pursuit opened in 2017, and I was recruited to be a coach. Months later, I was let go at one of my other jobs. That day I decided to invest all my efforts into Pursuit. I worked seven days and 70-80 hours a week for two years before taking a day off. Six years, three expansions and five promotions later, we’re the number-one training facility in Northern Colorado.


Age: 29 

Occupation: Director of operations and personal training/nutrition at Pursuit Private Training Facilities


Q: Tell us something unique about you.

A: In my early 20s I had a terrible relationship with food, the gym and my body. I dieted and “cardio-ed” my way into giving myself hypothyroidism. I gained 40 pounds in one month. As a health coach, I felt like a complete fraud. I dedicated the next year to properly taking care of my body. In less than a year, I completely went off my medication, and I’m now the healthiest and fittest I’ve ever been.

Q: What do you consider your biggest accomplishment, either professionally or personally?

A: I was tasked with building a team of elite trainers and creating all the systems and processes to grow the business. When I started at Pursuit, we had five coaches, no personal training clients and did less than $100,000 in annual revenue. Since taking on this role, I’ve built a team of 15 top-tier fitness professionals. We do $60,000 per month in personal training sales, and we’re approaching our first $1 million in business.

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years? In 10 years?

A: In five years I’ll have one or two more Pursuit locations, a family and kids and of course my pack of Dobermans. My mission is to change the fitness industry for the better. In 10 years, I want to have a program that helps develop, educate and mentor coaches nationwide who have the same mission. My personal goal is to have a plot of land that serves as a sanctuary for abused, neglected or abandoned dogs.

Q: What piece(s) of advice would you give to your younger self?

A: Don’t give up 95 percent of your life just to weigh 5 percent less. I used to be crippled with body dysmorphia and obsessed with food and exercise to the point that I missed out on family dinners, parties and nights with friends. Those are memories I’ll never have. Don’t let fear take the driver’s seat. Those fears may be the thing standing between you and the life you want.

Q: What challenges did you face when you were the only female coach at Pursuit? How did you overcome them?

A: Starting my career at Pursuit, I was fortunate to be greeted by a strong ownership team that had a tremendous vision for the future and what we could accomplish together. The leadership at that time had a singular goal, which was to help countless individuals with their health, nutrition and fitness while enabling a new business to flourish. Since we were all aligned with the mission of what and who we wanted to be, I was never treated with contempt for my gender. I was treated with nothing but respect for my skills and abilities to manifest the vision of this team into what we’ve become today. Any obstacles that I faced was not due to being a female, but rather the challenges of starting a new business.

Q: How did you grow Pursuit’s revenue and coaching clientele?

A: The way I was able to grow this business was to have the best strategies, implemented by the best team of people, all with a singular vision: to provide each client with the framework, tools and coaching to create the lifestyle of their dreams. We built Pursuit for anyone who wants to train seriously, which is why we have sourced the best equipment, hired the most passionate, educated and skilled staff and kept our gym exclusive to those who align with our ethos. Typically, diets and gym memberships are thought of as the path to a final destination. In reality, the pursuit of health, fitness and an ideal physique is an eternal process. Our members develop the skills necessary to maintain their health and fitness for the rest of their lives. Every member who walks through the door becomes part of our family. Culture is contagious and it starts with our team.