Katie Kilber

Development Director, The Arc of
Larimer County



Tell us about yourself, your history and how you came to be where you are now.
I am proud to say that I was born and raised right here in Northern Colorado. I am married to my high school sweetheart. I love working in the nonprofit sector, especially in such a philanthropic community! 

What are you passionate about professionally and personally, and why?
Professionally: Sparking collaboration in the nonprofit sector so nonprofit organizations can avoid mission drift and breaking the Overhead Myth in the sector: Nonprofits shouldn’t feel like they have to “suffer” in order to have a good reputation. Nonprofits should feel confident to invest in top talent which in return can lead to greater social change. Personally: Meeting new people from diverse backgrounds and hearing their stories. 

What is your superpower?
I would say gift giving, I love either creating or shopping for things for my friends and family and getting to think about what they would like and all the great memories we have had together.   

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment, either professionally or personally?
My biggest accomplishment thus far was all I was able to accomplish in a global pandemic! Between the years 2020-2021, my husband and I adopted our rescue dog. Reggie, I graduated with my Master’s degree, got married and bought a house. 

Who has been the biggest influence in your life?
My husband. We have known each other since we were 15, but we come from very different backgrounds. I don’t think I would have been able to get through some adversities in my early 20s without him and his support. He also is known to get me out of my comfort zone. 

Where do you see yourself in five years? In 10 years?
In five years, I see my husband and I having a family. I have always wanted to be a mom. In 10 years, I plan to stay working in the nonprofit sector. It is important for my husband and I to raise our kids around community and philanthropy.   

What piece(s) of advice would you give to your
18-year-old self?

Two things: Your current situation isn’t your forever situation, and if the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, not the goal. I have learned that there is always some sort of solution to whatever you are going through. Thinking negative will get you nowhere.  

What do you enjoy doing in your downtime?
Enjoying quality time with my husband and our rescue dog, hosting gatherings with our friends and family, trying out new recipes, crafting and skiing (although I am not particularly good, I just like going with my husband). 

What would you like to give back to your community?
I never want anyone in our community to feel alone. We have so many great resources here in Northern Colorado that are often free of charge, so no one should ever have to face challenges by themselves.