What is occupying your mind right now? Many of you are gearing up for the holidays, which are enjoyable for some and stressful for others. And more than a few of you are worrying over the cold weather and COVID-19’s continued presence. Some are dreading the snow; and, of course, some are waxing their skis in eager anticipation.

My husband and I are getting ready to move, which means sorting through memories and packing up keepsakes. Moving always brings a sense of nostalgia, such as how the refrigerator got its dent or the colossal landscape project that you nearly broke your back on. I am looking back on this space we have enjoyed for six years, and it is a little bittersweet. I also think back to how much I have changed in these past years, yet I hope I resemble the person who so eagerly lugged in her boxes and found the perfect spots on the walls for her favorite things.

This magazine talks a lot about gatherings, festivities and entertaining: these are the things that transform a house from inanimate to a living being. I hope we fill our new home even more full of memories with friends and family, including epic dinners we have made together and tearful moments of pain that we share when life brings challenges. I am thinking so much of what makes a house a home lately, and it certainly goes beyond crafting an Instagram-worthy living room (though I am looking forward to that part, too).

So maybe it is a good time for all of us to hit the pause button and look around our four walls. Remember the good and the painful and appreciate that those experiences decorate a home just as much as a mirror from Anthropologie. If your home feels like it is a little lacking, open it up. Invite in someone new or reacquaint with old friends. Especially now, as we approach winter, take the opportunity to decorate it with the memories you want. I hope they are ones you cherish for a long, long time.

See you in December,

Angie Grenz