Marlie’s Stuffies

Marlie Walker is a Fort Collins, CO native who lost her father, Cody Walker, in a motorcycle accident in the summer of 2018. While Marlie was in the E.R. a nurse gave her a stuffed octopus to comfort her, who Marlie named Emmy. The nurse’s kindness inspired Marlie to help other kids who may be in similar trauma and loss situations.

“I really want to help other kids like me,” she stated.

Marlie treasures her stuffy, Emmy each and everyday. Marlie and her family started “Marlie’s Stuffies for Emergencies” to collect new stuffed animals in which are donated to the UC Health Emergency department for 1st responders to comfort children in tragic situations. This year will be our 2nd Annual “stuffies” drive which will start on November 1st (Cody Walker’s Birthday) and run through Thanksgiving with drop off to UCHealth at the end of November.




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