Faculty Friday: April 5, 2019

UNC hoopster Jordan Davis threw it down last night on ESPN in the Great Clips Slam Dunk Championships. The departing senior (and the Bears’ all-time leading scorer) made it to the final round, finishing 2nd to Tulsa’s DaQuan Jefferies. Watch this dunk from the Big Sky conference tourney last month for a taste of the kid’s chops at the rim.

Do kids eat sugary junk food because of the sugar, or because of the lovable cartoon characters on the packaging? Per CSU business professor Kenneth Manning, Scooby Doo is not responsible for Junior’s sweet tooth.  Blame the sugar.

UNC President Andy Feinstein reflects on his first 9 months at the helm, explains what the Class of 1910’s official slogan really means.

If you haven’t bought your tix yet to CSU’s annual student fashion show, time’s a-wasting. The show is a week from tonight at the Lincoln Center. Admission is $10 to $50; reserve your seats here.

The first annual Front Range Microbiome Symposium comes to Fort Collins later this month (April 18-19). What’s a microbiome? This 3-minute explainer tells all.