Why NOCO Style Moved

Greetings from Loveland, NOCO Style‘s new global headquarters as of April 1. We’ve set up shop in desk chair, a co-working space located in the old First National Bank building.

Why the move? It wasn’t just for the boffo rooftop views and the tasty food at Five Tables downstairs. Like NOCO as a region, NOCO Style as a publication is in the process of evolving. We’re reaching out to new audiences, looking for new types of stories to tell, and trying to capture the new sense of identity that’s being forged . It seemed like a good time to change our perspective, literally and figuratively.  So here we are.

A space like desk chair fits the bill in important ways. We’re sharing walls and a roof with entrepreneurs and creative folks in all sorts of industries. Some are young, others are just young at heart — but they’re all energetic, and they’re all building things and making connections.  That kind of spirit is on the come all over NOCO, and we’re betting big on it.

The address is 201 E. 4th Street in downtown Loveland, so come on down and say hello. We’ll be hosting a housewarming party soon, so you can check out the boffo rooftop for yourself.