We Seem to Recall

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Colorado legislature takes steps to reduce gun violence; Colorado legislator faces recall. Sound familiar? The latest star of this saga could be Rochelle Galindo (District 50), the Greeley Democrat who was swept into office a mere six months ago in an election that shattered records for voter turnout in her district. The Weld County GOP has signalled its intent to start circulating petitions. They’ll need to muster 5,696 signatures from within District 50 to trigger a recall.
To be fair, Galindo’s support for the so-called red-flag bill (HB-1177) isn’t the only sin that’s inflamed her opponents. They’re perhaps even more upset about her support for SB 19-181, which would overhaul the state oil and gas commission and permit tighter local control over fracking. And they’re not wild about Galindo’s support for the bill (signed in mid-March by Governor Polis) adding Colorado to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

Are those firing offenses for a NOCO politician? Greeley voters may have the last say.