Much of this issue is about aging in place – a predicament I am experiencing this very moment. Our kids are grown and out of the house, a house that is way too big for just the two of us. We also have 2½ acres that require attention, and our house is getting to that point where the littlest fixes turn into complete overhauls. We both still work full-time, and there just doesn’t seem to be any time for maintenance and upkeep. But it’s still home, and we like to entertain, and someday we’ll have grandkids and we’ll need the space, right??

The logical next step is to sell and downsize, but where do we go? Do we want to live in a cookie-cutter neighborhood, a patio home, a townhouse or a twin home/duplex? Or do we compromise and downsize just a bit for now, knowing that eventually we’ll either need to move again or make adjustments and modifications to better fit our aging needs?

We’re too young to move into a 55+ community, but that sure sounds appealing. A good friend of mine did just that. She moved into an exclusive, adults-only community on a golf course. She, too, had acreage and had reached the point where she just wanted to enjoy living and playing, without all the “fixing.”

She loves wheeling around the community in a golf cart, going to the neighborhood clubhouse for lunch and socializing with her neighbors. Her ADA-compliant home is a ranch with wide doorways and wide hallways, a walk-in shower and a washer and dryer on the main level.

Believe me, she and her husband are still fit and very active, but they wanted a low-maintenance home where they can stay for a very long time. In no way did they downgrade. If you, a friend or a loved one is at this stage in life, we hope that you get some good practical ideas from this issue, and particularly from the article.

Another determining factor in choosing our next home is the walkability and convenience of the amenities. A relaxed lifestyle is very appealing. Having parks, trails, and shopping nearby are on our must-have list. Northern Colorado has a few options, which you can read about.

As we inch ever closer to spring, the great outdoors is teasing us with thoughts of hiking and running. Read about ultra-marathoner and local physician Jeffrey Albert. Speaking of the great outdoors, did you hear about local runner Travis Kaufman who made national headlines when he was attacked by a mountain lion up at Horsetooth Mountain Open Space last month? He miraculously lived through it and has a great story to tell his bar mates and grandkids someday. Be safe out there!