August 29 — Northern Colorado Community is excited to announce the top six honorees of its first “Ordinary Extraordinary People Award.”

These are people who have impacted Northern Colorado with their service, contributions and achievements: These honorees inspire us. They are the ordinary people you see doing extraordinary things that impact Northern Colorado?  They volunteer their time and talent for others in Northern Colorado.  They are a business, nonprofit or community leaders.  The honorees have gone over and beyond and they are self-motivated to give back to the local community.

The six nominees will be recognized at the Honoree Banquet on October 2 from 6-8 pm in Loveland.

Top six honorees are listed here and by alphabetical order by first name:

Billie Colson, owner of Independence Gallery,

Chris and Marilyn Johnson, founder of Be the Gift

Craig Secher, founder of Realities for Children

Eric & Lisa Adsit, founder of The Kayla Marie Adsit Memorial Foundation, Fund of Community Foundation of Northern Colorado

Jana Knapp Sanchez, founder of Launch NoCo

Dr. Jane Brewer, owner of Precision Chiropractic


Brought to you by Ann Baron, of Northern Colorado Community