Windsor’s Distillery Wins Big at ASCOT Awards and Bartender Spirits Awards

Once again, The Heart Distillery, Windsor’s only distillery, clinched prestigious titles at both The American Spirits Council of Tasters (ASCOT) Awards and Bartender Spirits Awards, reaffirming its commitment to crafting exceptional spirits.

Earning a thrilling 94 points at the Bartender Spirits Awards, The Heart’s Cask Strength Bourbon soared to victory, securing the title of “Small Batch Bourbon of the Year.” This bourbon also earned the double gold ASCOT award just two years ago. This recognition honors the determination and dedication to detail and superior flavor profile that define The Heart’s mission for success. This success followed The Heart’s famous Cask Strength Bourbon into the ASCOT Awards, where it was awarded the gold medal. This award further validates the distillery’s dedication to producing world-class spirits that captivates their audience.

Additionally, The Heart Distillery’s gin earned a gold medal at the Bartender Spirits Awards, scoring an impressive 90 points. Known for its botanical complexity with a smooth citrus finish, The Heart’s gin continues to set a high standard in the spirits industry. Made with its award-winning gin, The Heart’s innovative Bee’s Knees cocktail acquired a silver medal in the competitive “Ready to Drink” category at the Bartender Spirits Awards, achieving a notable 81 points. This recognition demonstrates The Heart’s versatility and creativity in developing thirst-quenching cocktails that can be enjoyed both within and beyond the distillery walls.