The Rialto Theater Partners with r.World to Eliminate Single-Use Plastic Cups

The Rialto Theater recently decided to eliminate single-use plastic cups within the theater by partnering with r.Cups from r.World to help reduce single-use waste and lessen the environmental impact the theater has on the Loveland community as well as the planet. Now, when visiting the Rialto Theater and ordering drinks, patrons will get reusable r.Cups and can place them in dedicated reuse bins when finished. The r.Cups will be sorted, sanitized, and then used again and again. These cups can be used hundreds of times!

r.World is the nation’s #1 reuse platform and was born from three decades of sustainability experience and innovation. They’ve been at the forefront of awareness and action in the environmental movement, climate change and single-use reduction since 1990. Their reuse partners include global artists like U2, Jack Johnson, Maggie Rogers, Dave Matthews Band, Bon Iver, Rolling Stones and more, plus trailblazing cities, venues, festivals, live events, and now the Rialto Theater! They’ve been activated in over 100 venues, 80 cities, 30 states and 12 countries.