Human Bean Northern Colorado Delivers Baby & Female Essentials

Human Bean Northern Colorado donates diapers, wipes and period products to Grace Upon Grace Project. Pictured from left to right: Krista Smith, Maisie and Val Katalenic.

Human Bean Northern Colorado continues to do its best to bridge gaps in the community by finding ways to help those in need. From April 15-30, 2024, Human Bean Northern Colorado hosted a donation drive at all 10 locations to benefit the Grace Upon Grace Project. Customers were asked to donate full, unopened packs of diapers and period products to help those in need in our area.

Thanks to the generous participation of their customers, The Human Bean delivered 47 packs of diapers, wipes and period products to the Grace Upon Grace Project. The packs of different items were delivered to their facility on May 6.

Essentials like diapers and period products can become a financial burden for many families. Lack of access to clean diapers or period products can lead to health complications like rashes and infections. Since the Grace Upon Grace Project started in the fall of 2019, they have distributed over 296,000 diapers, over 616,500 wipes and over 161,500 period products to families in need.

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