Columbine Health Systems Nurse Selected for International DAISY Award

A Columbine Health Systems Nurse wins the Daisy Award in 2024

Cheri Brandt, an LPN at Columbine Commons Health and Rehab in Windsor, was honored with nursing’s DAISY Award

In 2023, Northern Colorado’s Columbine Health Systems began participating in The DAISY Award®, an international award created by the DAISY (Diseases Attacking the Immune System) Foundation to express gratitude to nurses and recognize them for the extraordinary, compassionate, skillful care they provide patients and families.

Cheri Brandt, LPN, accepting The DAISY Award

Cheri Brandt, LPN. Photo courtesy of Columbine Health Systems.

Cheri Brandt, an LPN at Columbine Commons in Windsor since 2013, was honored on Thursday, Jan. 25, with The DAISY Award. One of the team members who nominated Cheri wrote, “In honor of the DAISY Foundation’s intent to recognize the skill, compassion, and care that nurses everywhere provide, Cheri is an exceptional colleague who has dedicated many years of her nursing career to the patients and residents of Columbine Health Systems. She is a compassionate caregiver, consistently demonstrating genuine interest in their health and well-being.”

Cheri’s interest in nursing goes back to when, as a 19-year-old, she and her sister began working as CNAs at a skilled nursing facility in their Nebraska hometown. In 1992, Cheri and her sister began attending nursing school, ultimately leading her to Colorado and Columbine Health Systems, which she has been a part of for over 14 years.

“Her kindness has led residents’ family members to communicate the status of loved one’s hospital stays to her, as they feel her commitment to care. And on more than one occasion, I witnessed Cheri return after her shift to the facility to sit with, hold hands, and offer her heart to a passing resident. In summary, Cheri’s gift of knowing how to listen to the heart of another has made so many feel she is ‘the glue’ that holds Columbine Common’s teams together.”

“Cheri’s compassion, authenticity, integrity, and commitment to quality care reflects the mission and vision of Columbine and the spirit of the DAISY Award,” said Cathy Franecki, Columbine Health Systems’ director of clinical services. “We are truly honored and proud to have such quality caregivers serving our residents. Congratulations, Cheri!”

When asked what she loves about Columbine, Cheri stated, “I work for Columbine because they allow me to be myself.”