Tointon Gallery Features Artist Sarah Nguyen

Sarah Nguyen “Shifting the Sun" Exhibit

The Tointon Gallery will feature the work of artist Sarah Nguyen in the exhibit “Shifting the Sun.” The exhibit opens Dec. 15, 2023 and will run through Jan. 12, 2024.

Nguyen is a mixed media artist working primarily with paper. Storytelling is central to her hand-cut fiber panels and paintings. The intricate compositions found in her work tie to landscapes and are based on and feature symbolic motifs—flora, fauna and an ever-changing moon—to elicit childhood memories of myths, fables and folklore.

Nguyen uses a balance of abstract and representational forms to sever the connection between shape and meaning, connecting the viewer to the gesture of the brush or cut of the knife, so that they become complicit in the art. Myths, reverence and refinement of nature and observance of daily life are the concepts behind her work.

The exhibition is free and open to the public.