WeldWerks Announces Next Medianoche Releases

WeldWerks' Noche PM and Hot Cocoa Medianoche

WeldWerks to release next round of Medianoche barrel-aged brews

WeldWerks’ latest Medianoche releases, Noche PM and Hot Cocoa Medianoche, will be available just in time for the 2023 holiday season. Tickets for both releases, which retail at $25, will go on sale Saturday, Nov. 18, at 10 a.m. via Eventbrite (no access code needed), with pickups available Nov. 22 through Dec. 10.

Noche PM
WeldWerks is thrilled to join forces with esteemed brewery peers, Trillium, embarking on a flavor journey to craft a blend that incorporates some of the brewery’s time-tested and most beloved adjuncts. The journey began with the selection of Medianoche barrels, which have been meticulously aged for 30-32 months in 16-year Thomas H. Handy Rye barrels and 18-year Sazerac Rye barrels. This fusion created notes of burnt caramel, sumptuous vanilla syrup, toasted marshmallows and a hint of leather. Drawing inspiration from these exquisite flavor profiles, they chose Papua New Guinea Tahitensis Vanilla Beans, which are celebrated for their aromatic richness, offering a bouquet of sweet vanilla notes accentuated by subtle caramel, chocolate and cherry nuances. Furthermore, they paired the vanilla beans with Kahete, a Kenyan coffee bean roasted by Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters. This coffee variety imparts profound flavors of deep brown sugar, velvety caramel and the refreshing brightness of pomelo. To finish, they added a blend of raw and toasted coconut, which perfectly complements the diverse flavor profiles, resulting in layers of rich, intricate and captivating flavors.

WeldWerks' Noche PM and Hot Cocoa Medianoche

Photos courtesy of WeldWerks Brewing Co.

Hot Cocoa Medianoche
Hot cocoa meets Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout. The cozy nostalgia of hot cocoa paired with the smoothness and richness of WeldWerks’ Medianoche aged for 28 months in six-year-old Weller Wheated Bourbon barrels, infused with a generous dose of hot cocoa powder and bounty of delicately toasted marshmallows, delivers the ideal balance of flavor. Hot Cocoa Medianoche leaves you dreaming of carefree days spent sledding with your friends, all without the constraints of being home before dark to dim your enjoyment.