New Grant Opportunity for NOCO Nonprofits

United Way of Larimer County, With The Department of Local Affairs, Seeks Applicants for the Nonprofit Infrastructure Grant Program

United Way of Larimer County and the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) announced the Nonprofit Infrastructure (NPI) Grant Program, a statewide grant program for small, community-based nonprofit organizations providing services to communities who have historically been underrepresented, underserved, or under-resourced.

United Way of Larimer County, collectively with DOLA, seeks applicants with annual budgets between $150,000 and $2,000,000, that have been affected by the infrastructure aftermath of COVID-19. While the grant is not for programming, it does open doors for other opportunities such as strategic planning, professional development for board and staff, technology, etc.

The application will open on July 5, 2023 and close on August 31, 2023.

The Nonprofit Infrastructure Grant Program

The Nonprofit Infrastructure Grant Program was created after the Colorado House Bill 22-1356 was signed into law on June 3, 2022, to help underrepresented communities with limited access to state and federal funding and those disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. The emphasis on infrastructure and capacity building will help small nonprofits build critical staff and boards while providing funds to proactively invest in the organization’s infrastructure. The grant is designed for nonprofits in historically-marginalized communities that have not had equitable access to funding and other resources. In total across Colorado, $33,100,000 in grants will be awarded – with selected organizations awarded up to $100,000.

Additionally, if a tax-exempt charitable or social impact groups operating under a 501(c)(3) acts as a fiscal sponsor to small community-based groups (SCBG) that are not registered nonprofit organizations, those groups are also eligible for this grant funding.

“This partnership with DOLA allows United Way of Larimer County to amplify our mutual commitments to equitable access to funding for community-led nonprofits in Larimer County as well as Boulder, Broomfield, Gilpin and Jackson counties. This grant program will extend relief for small charitable organizations across Colorado, led by the communities they support. During COVID-19, these organizations were critical in supporting our most impacted communities and remain essential in creating inclusive communities and economies in the aftermath of the past several years,” said Deirdre Sullivan, President and CEO of United Way of Larimer County “These nonprofits are important to all of us, and we are honored to invest in their leadership and infrastructure.”

How to Apply

To apply, interested applicants should contact United Way of Larimer County, the geographically-appointed Regional Access Partner (RAP), directly for technical assistance and to learn more about the process, criteria and funding. RAPs are collaborating with DOLA to help select and administer grants within their particular regions, emphasizing a hyper-local focus on teamwork and support.

Organizations must provide a Unique Entity ID (UEI) number from the federal government and meet the eligibility requirements. Applications are submitted directly through one of the eight Regional Access Partners (RAPs), determined by the location of the organization’s headquarters. Funding is allocated for infrastructure needs only. Grant awardees will be notified by their RAP by January 31, 2024.

About the Regional Access Partner Network

United Way of Larimer County is one of eight Regional Access Partners (RAPs) collaborating with DOLA to help select and administer grants within distinctive regions, emphasizing a hyper-local focus on teamwork, support, and equitable access to funding for community-led organizations.

For more information about this Program and to find a geographically-appointed RAP, please visit