Peak Kia North Fundraiser Results in $7,290 Donation to Domestic Violence Support Organization

Peak Kia North hosted its annual Driving Change fundraiser from November 15, 2022, to January 17, 2023, in support of A Woman’s Place, a non-profit organization that provides shelter and support to victims and survivors of domestic abuse. Peak Kia North was committed to donating $1 for every $1 raised up to $5,000 and ended up honoring the full $5,000 after the community raised $2,290, which resulted in a total donation of $7,290.

“On behalf of the entire Peak Kia North team, thank you to those who contributed to the Driving Change fundraiser,” said Dustin Pew, General Manager of Peak Kia North. “A Woman’s Place is such an important organization in our community, providing resources and refuge to victims and survivors of domestic abuse, and one that we are proud to support.”

A Woman’s Place serves to shelter and help empower victims and survivors of domestic abuse to become safe, secure, and self-reliant; and through education and collaboration to mobilize the local community to help prevent domestic violence. All donations made through this campaign will go toward safe shelter housing, safety planning, victim advocacy, case management, legal advocacy, and counseling services.

“At A Woman’s Place, we believe that donations aren’t just dollars; they’re investments in the safety and empowerment of domestic violence victims in this community,” said Danielle Souza, Outreach Coordinator and Advocate at A Woman’s Place.