Exciting Changes for the Windsor Area Chamber of Commerce

The Windsor Area Chamber of Commerce “Chamber” is excited to announce changes for us and the Windsor community. Effective January 2023, Michelle Vance will become the Executive Director of the Windsor Downtown Development Authority “DDA”. While we are sad to see her go, Michelle’s talents, passion and drive for community development will be of incredible value to the DDA in meeting the goals and health of our downtown businesses. Current Vice President Mandy Mullen will take over immediately as Interim Executive Director of the Chamber. Mandy has worked closely with Michelle since 2019 and the Executive Board feels her education, business experience, and roles within the Chamber have prepared her to continue the amazing things we’ve accomplished under Michelle’s leadership.

Mandy began as an ambassador in 2020 to support her own business and others at a time they needed it most. She moved her way up and became a board member in 2021, serving as a true community leader in this capacity. While Mandy owns her own business, run.Windsor, she has hired a full-time employee beginning in 2023 who will handle the day-to-day operations so she can support the Chamber at this critical time. Mandy’s experience as a brick-and-mortar business owner, leader in the event industry, founder of a non-profit and drive for supporting other businesses makes her an excellent choice for this interim position. She is a Colorado native with a Marketing Degree from Colorado State University, married to Nick who serves in the Colorado Air National Guard, and mom of two. The board is confident that Mandy will ensure a smooth transition so we can continue to serve Windsor without skipping a beat. The Chamber Executive Director position will be posted in 2023 for those interested in applying.

We want to thank Michelle for the incredible work she has done for our stakeholders: our Chamber members, Windsor Community and residents. Under Michelle’s leadership, we’ve been able to secure the financial health of the Chamber with consistent revenue and a thriving relationship with the businesses and Town of Windsor. We respect that Michelle’s move comes out of her true passion for improving the Windsor community as a whole. The DDA is at a point where they need an Executive Director and the level of expertise Michelle offers. This is an incredible opportunity for an enhanced partnership between the DDA and Chamber to work together to grow and support business. The Town of Windsor will also continue to be a strong partner.

Please join us in thanking Michelle for her time with the Chamber, and welcoming Mandy as the new Interim Executive Director.