Colorado State University Selected as New Partner for Landscape For Life,

a Program Dedicated to Sustainable Landscaping Education

Colorado State University (CSU) has been named the new institutional partner for Landscape For Life, a program that provides education on sustainable landscaping practices for homeowners and small-scale landscapes. Developed in 2011 by the United States Botanic Garden (USBG) and the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center at the University of Texas at Austin, Landscape For Life is based on the principles of the Sustainable Sites Initiatives (SITES).

The program will continue to be in partnership with the USBG and will be offered by CSU Extension, a division of CSU’s Office of Engagement and Extension (OEE).

“USBG is thrilled to collaborate with CSU to continue Landscape for Life and the important work of teaching people about sustainable gardening at home,” said Dr. Susan Pell, USBG acting executive director. “CSU’s commitment to sustainability through action and education make for a great fit for this program. We look forward to working together to expand knowledge, access, and resources for sustainable gardening practices across the country.”

“We are proud to be part of the program’s history and are pleased that CSU will foster its future,” said Lee Clippard, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center executive director. “What began as an initiative to deliver education on sustainable gardening practices has grown into an opportunity to inspire lasting impact and change.”

For over 10 years, Landscape For Life has provided resources and training opportunities for people interested in climate-resilient landscaping techniques for any size garden, farm, or common area. While conventional gardens can work against nature, sustainable gardens are supportive of natural ecosystems and conserve resources. They enhance the environment’s ability to clean air and water, reduce flooding, combat climate change, and provide other natural benefits that support life on earth.

Through leveraging the institution’s experience and expertise in creating scalable learning platforms, mixed with strong, national Cooperative Extension network connections, CSU plans to address audiences nationwide. Longer-term, high-priority goals for the program place an emphasis on language justice with an initiative to translate course content into Spanish, in both written and live translation.

To learn more about Landscape For Life, explore the course curriculum, or see how to get involved, visit