Colorado Wine and Beer to Celebrate with

By: Staff

By Kristin Owens

Just like Fall itself, Colorado autumnal libations come in many gorgeous hues and flavors. Order up a plentiful supply (some are limited) to share with family and friends during the holidays. Don’t know where to start? Here’s my curated list of wines and beers to fall for this autumn.




This Munich-style amber lager is a must-have for the season. A dark copper color and toasty, malty nose brings in football and fests. It has traditional bready notes and a clean edge. Don’t let the color fool you: It’s refreshingly light for a dark.






This terrific Wee Heavy serves up a mahogany color and big malty nose. At first sip (and last), it’s sweet, smooth and just right. It clocks in at 7% ABV (alcohol by volume), and with the effortless drinkability, take caution when ordering a pint.






A true harbinger of fall, here’s a glassful of coppery gold color with low foam. Toffee and honey smooth on the front, it’s surprisingly dry on the back. With a semi-sweet mouthfeel, this is an ideal beer to sip all day long watching football or enjoying the sights of colorful leaves.






An all-around true-to-style oatmeal stout, this beer is roasty, toasty and oaty. The medium brown hues and head confirm the simplicity of traditional flavors. Its caramel and chocolate tones provide a great comfy mouthfeel to wrap up in.









This hearty grape was bred to withstand apocalyptic plagues. I love this multifaceted red for its smokey, leather notes and gorgeous dark brick color. A high acidity and medium body balance.








This dry white wine’s simple pale color belies the complexity in the bottle. Viognier, Muscat, Gewürztraminer and Sauvignon Blanc varietals are carefully composed before blending. It offers a pleasing aroma of late summer florals and has a long, delightful finish.







Already famed for outstanding Rieslings, the Helleckson family at Stone Cottage Cellars provides some superior medium-bodied reds. The highest grown merlot grape in the northern hemisphere has black cherry and currant flavors. This red spent three years in neutral barrels and has mild acidity. A nicely balanced wine that works well slightly chilled.







Capitalizing on Grand Valley’s microclimate (cool nights and hot winds), here’s a wine with dark, plum-colored berry complexity hitting all the right seasonal shades. This red has a velvety texture, flavorful mouthfeel and moderate tannins.