By Dan England


Summer offers us a bounty of recreation. There’s rafting, swimming, biking, softball leagues, a buffet of 5Ks, hiking (even the 14ers are open for business), frisbee with your dog and dancing at music festivals.

But summer can also be difficult, even dangerous, especially as we enter what is traditionally the hottest month in what’s already been a scorching summer.

The proof can be found in the runs I take with my dog, Pepper. Pepper is a working dog with boundless energy. On the rare days she doesn’t get to run with me, she stares out the window like a cellblock prisoner. But in summer, she turns into a fat golden retriever. She flops in the cool grass whenever she gets a chance, tugs on the leash to slow me down and acts like a toddler on her first hike.

If Pepper can be affected by the heat, then so can you. Here are some tips to surviving summer while enjoying the opportunities it presents.