Sandbox Solar celebrated the completion and activation of their 210 kW ground mount for the Waterglen Project.

This was a 100% locally built project completed by 18 local employees. It has been a difficult journey to find space to develop solar in Fort Collins,  and this project was a big step for Sandbox Solar. Sandbox Solar is thrilled to be a big part of the city’s goals of using 100% renewable energy by 2030.

Without community support, Fort Collins will not be able to obtain its Climate Action Plan goals. A lot of the places where solar could be developed in the future include floodplain areas. Through the Waterglen Project, Sandbox Solar has demonstrated that solar energy has minimal development impact in floodplain areas and neighborhoods.

The Waterglen project is preparing Fort Collins for a more sustainable future by providing enough energy for approximately forty homes. The power generated by these solar panels is specifically for the City of Fort Collins. Sandbox Solar also built the solar system so it would easily co-inhabit with the area’s native plants and species.

“I was glad to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Waterglen Community Solar Project that is operational and providing renewable and sustainable electricity equivalent to 40 families in Fort Collins. I met the Sandbox Solar Team, a dedicated group, and I look forward to future collaboration opportunities with Larimer County to expand community-based solar energy in the unincorporated areas of the county.” – John Kefalas, Larimer County Commissioner I.

“The array demonstrates what can happen when the community supports the development of solar energy on unique and abstract parcels of land. “The most difficult part of this development was the time and costs it took to go through the planning and development process, in order to increase rapid adoption cities and towns need to identify zones and areas where solar can be fast-tracked through a development and review process with far fewer restrictions.” – Ian Skor, Co Founder of Sandbox Solar.

“(Sandbox Solar’s) Your vision and professionalism in developing the Waterglen Solar SP3 project is remarkable. (Their) Your diligence in meeting successive challenges has resulted in another project which contributes toward meeting our community’s climate goal” – Rhonda Gatzke, Sr Energy Services Engineer, Fort Collins Utilities