Traces of the Past History Tours is a Fort Collins owned business offering van tours, talks, and customized educational programs throughout the year. Join them as they kickoff their 2021 summer “Riverside Lantern Talks” program series beginning in June with “ʽWell, Mother, This is the Endʼ– The Deadly Dyad, Cholera and Consumption in the Mid-Nineteenth Century.” The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 was not easy; fear gripped our hearts and crowded our minds as it steamrolled across the country. We can now relate to our nineteenth century forbears who were also stricken with fright as the shadow of two other dreaded diseases lengthened over the land.At Traces of the Past History Tours, the endeavor is to impart the rich story of the region through informative and engaging van tours that take travelers to several historically meaningful sites. Visiting the selected site locations and listening to the tour guide narrative will enlighten and open your eyes to the land, people and events that comprise the region’s history. Here, the belief is that education and fun are one in the same.

Every Sunday in June, July, and August, Traces of the Past History Tours will host presentations along the Poudre River at Lions Open Space on a history subject that held local and regional importance. Tickets and more information here.