100% of proceeds will go directly to the Barstool Sports Fund

The Social Stick, a tool used to measure six feet for social distancing, announces a limited edition “Pandemic Box” fundraiser for small businesses in response to the negative impact of COVID-19 in 2020.

As a small business owner himself, the Social Stick inventor says he was inspired to create the box as a way to commemorate the less-serious times of the year but also as a way to spur others into giving back to other small businesses who took the biggest hit during the pandemic.

“There’s only two things that make me cry,” says R.T. Custer, inventor of the Social Stick. “Videos of U.S. Military Veterans coming home and surprising their families, and the FaceTime videos of Dave Portnoy sending relief funds to restaurant owners who were about to lose everything. We created the “Pandemic Box” to raise money to help keep these businesses open.”

The “Pandemic Box” is a shadow box displaying memorable 2020 items such as surgical masks, toilet paper, gloves, and Social Sticks. Custer says they will make 100 boxes to sell for $1,000 each with 100% of proceeds going directly to contribute to the Barstool Sports Fund, which has already helped more than 300 businesses across the country.

“We wanted to make people laugh but also feel good about helping those in need,” says Custer. “You can also make your own pandemic box with all the items listed on our website. We just want to move forward to brighter days and to continue to keep the small businesses alive to continue supporting America’s economy.”

For more information on the Social Stick “Pandemic Box” and to find out how you can help, visit www.socialstickusa.com/box.