Fort Collins Country Club (FCCC) announced it has received a total of seven CAGGY Awards from Colorado Avid Golfer Magazine. Winning private club categories include Best Instructor Women, Best Instructor Men, Best Instructor Juniors, Best Front Range/Northeast Club, Best Value, Best For Families, and Best Food.

Colorado Avid Golfer is a print and digital magazine that showcases the many, diverse golf outlets in the Rocky Mountain region. Annually, Colorado Avid Golfer reaches out to the golf community and takes a poll – called the Caggy Awards – on what are the best golf and club experiences throughout the state and the region.

Published on February 24, FCCC winner rankings include:

  • First Place – Best Instructor Women: Meghan Hunter

  • First Place – Best Instructor Juniors: Craig Salib

  • Third Place – Best Instructor Men: Tristen Fay

  • Second Place & Staff Pick – Best Front Range/Northeast Club

  • Third Place – Best Value

  • Third Place – Best For Families

  • Third Place – Best Food

  • Staff Pick – Most Underrated Club

“These awards are a long-awaited recognition of how special the prized golf experience is at the Country Club,” said Jason Barrett, president of Fort Collins Country Club Board of Directors. “We operate with one guiding principle – that the member experience matters most.”

The Fort Collins Country Club was established in 1959 out of a need for more than a 9-hole golf course in Fort Collins. Its mission is to exist as the region’s leading country club, providing a family-oriented country club that delivers a prized golf experience, a renowned tennis program, and a celebrated culinary approach.