Paul Davis Restoration, a full service residential and commercial cleanup and restoration for disasters, partnered with the Larimer County Sheriff’s SWAT team by donating labor, materials, and clean-up for breach wall training exercises. The training was held on Wednesday, February 24th at a facility north of Fort Collins.

The goal was to provide a more realistic setting for the training by utilizing different materials, which the department may not typically have access to due to budgeting. The Fort Collins-based restoration company plans to assist with donations, builds, and clean-ups once per quarter throughout 2021. The Paul Davis team put in more than 35 hours to develop the program, including administration set up and clean up and donated the profit of $1,500.

“The first round we decided to build it similar to what the SWAT team had used in the past, but as close to a real build as possible,” says Damen Lippold, Paul Davis’ Reconstruction Division Manager. “The goal is to continue adding additional walls that are easy to connect and modify. One section may have all commercial finishes while another has more of a residential feel.”

The SWAT team is utilized in any situation in which a significant danger exists to the lives and safety of victims or potential victims, uninvolved innocent citizens, law enforcement, or fire personnel. Some types of situations include, but are not limited to, high-risk warrant service when the suspect is believed to be armed, wildland manhunt operations, wildland narcotics suppression, terrorist incidents, dignitary protection, and hostage situations.

The Regional SWAT team maintains a varied assembly of equipment and vehicles to complete its tasks and maintain the safety of its members and the community. The team trains several times a month in order to maintain proficiency and the ability to respond to critical incidents efficiently and effectively.

“I would like to thank the Paul Davis team for helping the Larimer County Regional Special Weapons and Tactics team (LCRST) train on explosive and mechanical breaching techniques,” says LCRST Commander Brad Harkin. “The wall provided a sense of realism that we don’t get very often with this type of training.  The lessons learned will be a valuable tool that we will be able to use and improve upon. We are looking forward to continuing this relationship.