Mujeres de Colores, is excited to announce that the Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority has committed $45,000 to The Hand That Feeds monument to be built at Sugar Beet Park in north Fort Collins. A community project developed by Mujeres de Colores (a non-profit organization), The Hand That Feeds Sculpture/Monument recognizes and commemorates the many Hispanic and Mexican families that came to the region to work the sugar beet fields, eventually settling in Fort Collins to become an integral part of the community. The DDA has recently pledged its support to help pay for the plaza the sculpture will occupy in the park.

“Thank you to the DDA for supporting this project,” said Betty Aragon-Mitotes, founder of Mujeres de Colores and the visionary behind the sculpture. “Your funding helps kickstart The Hand That Feeds fundraising campaign and puts us one step closer to making this beautiful legacy a reality.”

About The Hand That Feeds Monument 

The Hand That Feeds, both a monument and a sculpture, tells the story of the people who changed the culture and fabric of the Fort Collins community with their hard work, perseverance, courage and determination. The Short-Hoe represents the back-breaking work required by the field workers. The Hand represents the very people who carried out that work, the Mexican and Hispanic families who came to this area to work the beet fields. The sculpture will be created by artist Frank Garza of Loveland.

Included in the sculpture plaza is a large interpretive storyboard to help visitors understand northern Colorado’s sugar beet industry and its impact on our community.

The total cost of the monument and plaza is $300,000. A fundraising campaign is going on now and will continue until the project is completed. In addition to the DDA, kick starter donors include High Country Beverage, Might Arrow Foundation, New Belgium Brewery and The Latino Foundation.

The goal is to complete the monument by September 2021 as part of the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration.

More information on The Hand That Feeds and how to donate can be found at or by calling Betty Aragon-Mitotes at 970-412-4536 or