Points West Community Bank Launches Historical Series to Celebrate 115 Years of Service and Showcase Local Communities


Points West Community Bank has announced 115 years of service with the new year. In a typical year, Points West would host a celebration for their communities. With no telling what 2021 will bring in regards to the COVID-19 virus, Points West will showcase its 115 years of history through newspaper archives, photos new and old, and interviews spotlighting its communities, bankers, and patrons. The series will be released through Points West’s website and social media pages in 2021. As the year progresses, Points West will revisit the idea of an in-person celebration.

The family-owned bank opened in 1906 in the settlement that would become Lisco, Nebraska, after the founder, Reuben Lisco, and several of his ranch-hands homesteaded the area in the late 1800s. In 1935, Harold Olson purchased the bank from Lisco and since then, the newly named Points West Community Bank has remained in the family and acquired 19 more locations throughout Nebraska, Eastern Wyoming, and Northern Colorado.

“I’m proud of the last 115 years – the people who established our bank, the ones who expanded it, the communities that welcomed us and especially the folks who have trusted us to serve and support them,” said Marin Olson, a fourth-generation banker, and the marketing associate for Points West Community Bank. “We started small, founded by cattleman who didn’t know the first thing about banking. Through hard, honest work we’ve been able to grow. Our customers have done the same, so we want to recognize their successes and celebrate them this year.”

Olson has spent the last few months traveling the tri-state area photographing some of the bank’s key figures and clientele and listening to their stories. She has also been unearthing first-hand stories from her grandfather, great-grandfather, and those that helped grow the bank from the ‘60s to the present.

“As is true with any operation, you don’t get to be 115 years old without grit, trust, and genuine partnership among our communities,” Olson said. “Our humble beginnings are part of what makes our bank unique. A bank can only be as strong as its community and the people in it, so our success and growth are nothing more than a toast to them.”