Big Red F Restaurant Group Launching a Spate of Ghost Kitchens & WeDeliver Service
In a bid to stay afloat and retain as many employees as possible this winter, BRF is opening ghost kitchens out of existing locations and diving headfirst into the delivery game.
Facing a winter of Covid-related restrictions with no federal relief in sight, restaurants are in dire straits. Big Red F is responding to the challenge by opening ghost kitchens at many existing locations and ramping up its self-delivery service, WeDeliver. “All of the work we’ve been putting towards new offerings and delivery was in anticipation of Covid shutdowns. We feel like it’s up to us to do everything we can to keep our joints open and our people employed,” says Big Red F founder and chef Dave Query.
Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar Fort Collins will soon be host to three ghost kitchen concepts: The Post Chicken & Beer, The Tender Project, and eventually, The Lasagna Project.
The Post Chicken & Beer will open at Jax, on Monday, November 30. Jax had already been offering The Post’s gluten-free fried chicken, farm fresh sides, and craft beers weekly for Sunday Supper pre-order events, but now The Post’s craveable menu will be available daily from 3:30-9 p.m. for delivery and takeout. 
The Tender Project opens on Friday, November 27. Developed by Big Red F Executive chef Kyle Mendenhall, the menu includes double-dipped tenders and ThighFries, trimmed pieces of dark meat that get the same double-dipping process before being fried to juicy, golden perfection. Tenders and ThighFries come with bodega hot sauce, two scratch-made dipping sauces, and a choice of crisscut fries or furikake rice and kimchi. As with The Post, The Tender Project’s menu will be available daily from 3:30-9 p.m. for delivery and takeout.
Jax has entered the food delivery game with its WeDeliver service. With WeDeliver, Jax Fish House’s own foodservice-trained staffers prepare, package, and deliver the food directly to guests, generating more revenue for the restaurant, better wages for our employees, and a safer overall experience. Another benefit from WeDeliver is the ability to deliver alcohol to the guest, from batched cocktails to bottles of whiskey.
WeDeliver is available from 3:30-9 p.m. daily. We are currently offering free delivery service on all purchases of $25 or more for the rest of 2020.