Executive Chef Sean Scott is a technically trained chef who graduated from the Culinary Institute of America with an A.O.S degree in Culinary Arts and Management. His journey after graduation has been unique, with years spent working at some of the top rated restaurants in New York City, where
he was part of various opening teams, spending a lot of time on menu creation and training.

Chef’s culinary philosophy stems from the idea that fresh is best. He uses local and seasonal ingredients whenever available, and cooks as much as he can from scratch including our homemade breads, sauces, meats and desserts. He is creative and daring with his use of avors, which is portrayed throughout the menu.


Chef is joined by two technically trained, experienced sous chefs from New York City, Jessica Faust and Jorge Arteta. They bring with them worldly avors and remarkable culinary techniques. Rove is a restaurant offering a seasonally changing Brunch and Dinner Menu. With a powerhouse in the kitchen and an experienced team in the dining room, Rove is bringing a new vibe to the people of Colorado. There are avors from all over the world, locally sourced ingredients, homemade dishes and culinary techniques that will leave your tastebuds wanting more!

The restaurant includes a sidewalk patio, spacious dining room and a private dining area. It’s a pet-friendly restaurant with seating outside in front of the restaurant and always has water on the sidewalk for the pups walking by. Rove is joined by Element, an elegant companion nightclub with a separate entrance to the building’s second oor. With a high-end vibe without the high- end price, you’ll soon nd Rove to be your favorite destination for a night out on the town, business lunch/dinner meeting, weekend party and Sunday Brunch spot.


Chef describes the cuisine as “well-curated New American.” What does this mean? “Whatever we want it to,” he says. With inspiration from South America, East Asia, India, the Middle East and South-East Asia, the menu has an item for everyone. From plant-based dishes to heartier meat and seafood dishes to spices that enhance the natural avors of each ingredient, you will discover something new and inspiring.

The menu itself is a testament to the name of the restaurant, with menu items that are inspired from around the world and that change seasonally, leaving you with the need to try everything before the items are off the menu! As a way to maintain fresh ingredients, the Chef prides himself in truly supporting local suppliers. “We frequent local farmer’s markets and, whenever possible, go out of our way to source locally, whether that is vegetables and produce or beverages such as Colorado beer or bourbon.”

For items that cannot be sourced locally, they first look at making the ingredients in-house. From freshly baked bread to a pumpkin dressing for the Kale Salad to breakfast sausages, making items in-house provides their dishes with an additional sense of authenticity, especially for the old-fashioned favorites, like the strip steak or French onion soup.


At Rove, they are striving to provide you with a holistic dining experience that will motivate you to come back. Just as important as the quality and taste of the food is the food presentation. “We want to provide our guests with unique and upbeat dining where they see and taste things,” says General Manager Kyle Jongerden.

Have your video camera ready when the Rove Smoked Old Fashioned arrives at your table in a mist of hickory smoke or when your soup is poured from a unicorn. Whether it’s one of Rove’s signature cocktails, savory dishes or desserts, each item that arrives at your table is a work of art. On top of offering exceptional food, a sense of community and hospitality has quickly become a core value to both the staff and guests of Rove. The dining team operates with a guest- rst mentality and regularly drives menu creation in the kitchen and the dining room. You can truly see the collaboration between the entire team as you experience the results of that teamwork at your table.


There is nothing like Rove in Fort Collins. The restaurant and its use of fresh ingredients, daring and creative favors coupled with exciting twists to all time classics will excite your tastebuds without breaking the bank. Each dish is portioned to ll you up but not leave you feeling stuffed. The menus are diverse with various gluten- free and plant-based options and is ever-changing. This means that each time you step into the restaurant you will be greeted with a new experience.

At Rove, you have the ability to let your senses rove around the avors of the world without leaving Fort Collins, while also supporting local producers and suppliers. Bring your family in for our Sunday Brunch, have a memorable date night or maybe just do dinner on a Thursday. Rove’s team is excited to meet the rest of the community!


Rove will be hosting their rst two special event dinners in October.

On Thursday, October 22, join Rove for their Fall Harvest Wine Dinner. This ve-course autumn- themed menu with wine pairings will feature wines from Maverick Wine Company and The Sorting Table Imports.

For Halloween, October 31,Rove will be hosting a heavy metal beer dinner with TRVE Brewing from Denver, featuring dishes and ingredients that push the boundary of elevated cuisine and horror movie props.


125 South College

Fort Collins, CO 80524



Sat 10am-2pm

Sunday 21+ Hangover Brunch on the Element Patio



Thur—Sat 5-9pm

Happy Hour

Sat 2-6pm