The second annual Día de Los Muertos ~ Day of the Dead exhibit at the Global Village Museum will look a little different this year. Due to COVID-19, the Museum is organizing a collective altar of remembrances with contributions from the community. The exhibition opens Oct. 2 and will run through Nov. 6.
“We are introducing a shared altar with photographs of loved ones submitted by the Northern Colorado community,” said Gayle Warner, the Museum’s Executive Director. “To ensure the safety and comfort of our visitors, individual altars will be unified into a cooperative ofrenda. We are assembling a traditional altar with the time-honored elements, and the community has been invited to submit photographs of those who have made an impact on their lives.”

Two virtual, expert presentations will highlight the significance and importance of Day of the Dead, a holiday celebrated throughout Mexico to honor family members and friends who have passed. On October 22 from 6-8 pm, The Rich and Complex History of Día de los Muertos will be presented by Daniela Castillo, a Senior Instructor in CSU’s Department of Journalism & Media Communication.

“The celebration of Día de los Muertos has a rich and fascinating history, starting with the Aztecs and the Celts, as well as multiple levels of syncretic fusions throughout the centuries,” Castillo said. “In this presentation, we will go back to the beginning and unravel the magic we now experience when we celebrate and honor those who have passed from this earth. It will be a magical journey through the ages and a deep dive into the history of one of our most cherished traditions.”

On October 29 from 6-8 p.m., Hanal Pixán: Day of the Dead in the Yucatan Peninsula will be presented by María Inés Canto Carrillo, Assistant Professor of Spanish in CSU’s Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures. “My talk will focus on the cultural practices and traditions around Hanal Pixán, the name given to the Day of the Dead celebration of the Maya people who live in the Yucatan Peninsula,” Carrillo said. The term Hanal Pixán literally translates to ‘food of the souls’ in the Mayan

Exhibit visitation is by appointment only, with current hours and days of operations available at Each virtual program is $5 per Zoom connection, with registration and payment also available at The Global Village Museum is located at 200 West Mountain Avenue in downtown Fort Collins.