The Baldpate Inn is honored to announce a fascinating Summer Enchanted Evening on Wednesday, July 22nd at 7 PM in the Baldpate Key Room and Online at the Baldpate Inn YouTube Channel for our talk: 50 Facts: Bird & Animals of Rocky Mountain National Park Bruce Davies is a naturalist, local historian, and operator of Tour Estes Park LLC specializing in private historic and nature tours of Rocky Mountain National Park and the Estes Valley.

Having been raised on a small farm near Berthoud CO, he was inspired by his parents and the writings of Enos Mills even as a youth to love and respect the outdoors and animals of all kinds. For over 10 years in Arizona and Florida, and nearly 30 years back in Colorado and traveling the US and beyond, Bruce’s passion has always been exploring the wilds looking for the birds and animals of the region. Did you know there are as many as 40 mammals and around 300 species of birds that either call Rocky Mountain National Park home or migrate through? It is possible that every single bird or animal could conjure as much as an hour or more of interesting narrative and discussion each on their own. However, at this week’s Summer Enchanted Evening, Bruce will be taking that time to share at least 50 facts about just a few of his favorites. The series will be held in a combination of online live-streaming as well as in-person.


Due to limited seating allowances for your safety, only 25 individuals may attend the in-person event. To reserve a spot at one of our Summer Enchanted Evenings, please call 970-568-5397.

Check out our website for further information and for other Summer Enchanted Evening events all summer long.