Greeley Center for Independence (GCI), a nonprofit organization which provides community support for people with disabilities, today announced its name change to Adeo.

“We have spent more than 40 years building GCI into an organization that empowers people by providing them with personalized services and programs designed to create opportunities for optimal living,” said Sarita Reddy, Adeo’s Executive Director, “but the name ‘Greeley Center for Independence’ doesn’t adequately represent the scope of our work. We are proudly located in Greeley, but we serve all of Northern Colorado. We started off as an all-volunteer advocacy group, but we have grown to be so much more.”

GCI (now Adeo), was originally founded by Hope Cassidy in 1977. Hope believed that every one should have the opportunity to live as full a life as possible, regardless of ability. Her legacy lives on in Adeo.

Today, Adeo serves more individuals each year and provides a variety of programs, including affordable housing, residential services for adults with brain injury, home health care, outpatient physical therapy and a warm water pool. Adeo Fitness welcomes those with and without disabilities, encouraging people of all abilities to set and meet their own goals.

“Adeo is the Latin word for ‘to this point’ and our tagline ‘life, elevated,’ reflects who we are and who we strive to be,” said Reddy. “We believe people with brain injuries and other disabilities deserve lives of optimism and promise. It is our mission to provide the support and inspiration our constituents need to help them reach their highest potential.” To learn more about Adeo’s family of programs and services, visit