Despite the fear of the unknown and and the bitterness towards the current COVID-19 situation people around the world and in our Northern Colorado community have been looking for the light amidst the dark and when they cannot seem to find it they have decided to create it. People have been continuing to share positive verbiage and virtual encouragement and finding ways to socialize at a distance rather than completely distancing themselves from one another. It has been remarkable to witness and us at NOCO Style have been proud to watch the NOCO community creatively encourage one another. Here are just a few ways that we have seen this.

1. The Teddy Bear Hunt: The Coloradoan and other local news sources have begun to cover this new neighborhood trend of creating a stuffed animal zoo from house to house. The Coloradoan stated that “Neighborhood kids — most of whom are stuck at home as schools across the country move to online learning amid strict social distancing requirements — are then able to do a scavenger hunt to see how many of the plush animals they can spot.” Families have been placing stuffed animals in their windows, on their porches or peeking out from behind tree branches for kids to spot around the neighborhood.


2. Painting Rainbows or Encouraging Quotes on Windows: Following the coronavirus lock-down in the UK, kids started painting rainbows and placing their paintings in their windows facing out towards the streets for people to witness some color during a concerning time. This acts as a reminder that storms never last forever and a rainbow always follows. We have also seen many NOCO small businesses paint their windows with hopeful and encouraging quotes and also to remind the community that they are still happy and eager to serve!

3. Decorate Your House: Another emerging trend is to decorate your home either with Christmas lights around the exterior or even by putting up your tree or lights inside the home to light it up with life. We may all be separated from one another but it is a comforting thing to look around and see lights inside homes signifying simultaneous life happening from neighbor to neighbor. You can also put out lanterns or candles on your porches or railings.

There are many different ways that people are communicating and uniting, why not join one of these hopeful trends or come up with your own!