The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce hosted its 115th Annual Celebration, where more than 650 Chamber members and others from the area came together to celebrate the success of the Fort Collins Chamber and the business community. This year’s theme centered on the Chamber as a Catalyst for business growth, a Convener of leaders and influencers, and a Champion for stronger communities. Throughout the evening, several business leaders were recognized with Chamber honors, including Lucia LileyDeb Kelly, Mat Dinsmore, Pete GazlayConnie Dohn, Ethan Gannett, Todd Headley, Kathleen Henry, Chris Otto and Mike BrownThe Chamber was also privileged to have Colorado State University President Joyce McConnell give an update on the universitySandra Hagen Solin, of Capitol Solutions and the Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance’s lobbyist, was recognized for her leadership on I-25 and efforts to secure the funds for additional lanes. Nick Haws gave the audience an overview of the Chamber’s 2020 priorities. 

Photos courtesy of Craig Vollmer