Local and privately owned and independent supplier of life science laboratory products — Peak Serum, Inc. — recently launched an on-campus awareness promotion focused on students at Colorado State University (CSU), to educate pupils on increasing industry demand, the growing company, and its supporting line of lab research tools, under Peak Products.

It’s well known that Colorado State University (CSU) is a leader in biomedical studies, offering education guided by dedicated faculty on the integration and application of core biological sciences to the broad fields of human and animal health and disease. Its students and researchers work to understand the pathology, improve the diagnostics, and develop more effective treatments, vaccines, and cures for internationally important infectious diseases across more than 30 specialty laboratories  allowing students to gain hands-on learning experiences tailored to individualized interests and goals in human and animal health and disease. The research conducted in this space is especially vital to our expansive agricultural and ever-growing Colorado communities.

Now more than ever, it’s critical to foster continued education and resources to support these studies. One Wellington-based, privately owned and independent supplier of life science laboratory products, Peak Serum, Inc., understands the great importance of this and has launched a campus-wide initiative to do just that.

Through this initiative (valid through 7/1/20, with proof of current enrollment) CSU students will receive a free all-new Peak Pipettor™ (Single Channel) with the purchase of any filtered tip case, available at no limit.

For more information on Peak Serum visit www.peakfbs.com.