A subtly different view told the Cloughs this was home

 By Brad Shannon | Photos by Damon Searles

Sometimes it’s all a matter of perspective.

Rod and Jeff Clough had driven by “just another lot” in Harmony Club many times but had never really considered it for their dream home. One day, something spurred them to stop, get out of the car and look—really look—at the lot and its surroundings.

“There was a flatbed trailer parked on the lot,” Jeff remembers. “We climbed up on it, and we were able to take in the view of the Front Range. It was stunning. Right then, we were hooked and knew this was where we needed to build.”

Paul and Brenda Bickerton of Province Custom Builders were selling the lot, and that’s how the Cloughs journey with their builder began. 

“We were happy to connect with Jeff and Rod,” says Paul. “We approach the building process as a collaboration. We’re here to guide the client through the building process, suggest custom finishes, design ideas and create a pathway to their dream home. Jeff and Rod had such a solid foundation for their design aesthetic, it was easy to make the process fun and exciting—something the owner looks forward to from the first tile selection to designing the fireplace mantel to walking through the front door of a final product that takes their breath away.”

One of the first steps was choosing an architect. “We selected David Hueter and started designing our home with him,” says Rod. “We had sketched a floor plan on a note pad, then met with David to explain our vision. He returned with a brilliant interpretation of our inspiration. He really hit the nail on the head, and we didn’t have many revisions after that.”

The result is a unique, stunning home with an eclectic mix of modern and traditional styles, interspersed with whimsical, artful elements.

The outside of the house was inspired by homes the Cloughs have seen while visiting the Hamptons and the New England coast. Inside, traditional and coastal inspiration floats throughout. “We designed the home to last through decades, steering clear of anything trendy,” says Jeff.

The result is a unique, stunning home with an eclectic mix of modern and traditional styles, interspersed with whimsical, artful elements.
The great room and kitchen windows both frame Longs Peak and the Front Range, just as Jeff and Rod envisioned when they first stood on that flatbed trailer. “It is one of the greatest highlights of the house, particularly when the light hits the mountains at just that right time of the morning,” says Rod. “The sunsets are also awesome. We pushed the room as far west as possible to take advantage of the view. We even kept the deck to the south side of the room.”

“We love the great room fireplace, which was inspired by the fireplace at the Halcyon Hotel in Cherry Creek,” Jeff adds. “A mix of tile, granite slabs and seating anchor the north center side of the room just perfectly.”

Beyond that, unique and interesting details and features are plentiful. “We have so many favorite parts of this home,” says Rod. “From our den, to art alcoves, to our fireplace, to framed views of the mountains, to the master suite’s outdoor courtyard, we love the special aspects that highlight what’s important to us, enjoying time with family and friends, appreciating nature and art, and taking a peaceful respite from the outside world in calm and relaxing spaces.”

The coziest room in the house is the den, just off the main entry gallery. “This is where we can snuggle up with a good book or magazine in front of the fire or catch up on a favorite show,” says Rod. “It’s designed around a green glass chandelier we found, so there are many green elements throughout the space.”

The master suite, on the north side of the house, is designed around a private outdoor courtyard. Both the sleeping room and bathroom overlook the courtyard, making it a great private respite from the outside world.

“Looking to the future, we built the home to be wheelchair accessible, with no stairs on the main level and roll-in showers,” Jeff shares. “Inspired by a home we toured in Palm Springs, the main level has an attached casita, a mini apartment with separate outside and garage access. If we need to someday, our elders can move in with us and still maintain a level of independence and separation from the main living area.”