The Community Foundation of Northern Colorado launched the Hach Center for Regional Engagement today, bringing together the area’s citizens to collaborate and lead visionary community development.

Through its initiatives, events, and partnerships, the Hach Center represents the diverse populations of Larimer and Weld counties. It will help the region do a better job of visioning and planning for the future of Northern Colorado, including reaching across I-25 to bridge the gap between Weld and Larimer counties and help build consensus on issues – such as water – that require regional solutions.

Great communities are the result of great intentionality. “I believe Northern Colorado is the best place to live in the entire world,” said Ray Caraway, president of the Community Foundation. “Many of the things we love about the area didn’t happen by accident, and each of us is a beneficiary of the dreams, hard work, and the planning of previous generations.”

One of the goals of the Hach Center is to help build the next generation of community leaders by engaging more young people in a nonpartisan manner, welcoming a diversity of voices to a regional organization.

Bruce and Muriel Hach embrace the power of collaboration to envision a better future. These engaged community members honored their commitment to future generations with an endowment that established the Hach Center as a permanent resource to support current and future projects. Information:

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