Mary Ritcherson has recently moved from Florida to be closer to her family and is now offering her trademarked NanoLines (Digital Microblading) hair stroke technique in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Mary is the proud owner of Permanent Makeup By Mary, Inc., DBA as MR NaturaLines Permanent Makeup & Training and one of the Co-Owners of America the Beautiful Permanent Makeup Conference held annually in Las Vegas. Mary has been enhancing women’s faces for over 15+ years, with over 16,000 procedures to date.  She specializes in Eyebrows (Digital Microblading-Hair Strokes and Soft Ombre´ Powder). Mary currently offers her services at Xanadu Med Spa on Wednesdays located in Fort Collins and has a Boulder location where she offers her services the other days.

What is Digital Microblading?  This is the process where she implants pigment into the skin mimicking the look of hair using a fine single Nano needle. This technique is less traumatic to the skin. Allowing for quicker healing and longevity of the procedure. Not everyone is a candidate for Permanent Makeup, and Mary is known in the industry for her honesty and integrity when it comes to the best interests of her clients.

Mary’s trademarked technique, NanoLines, has gained her worldwide recognition and invitations to speak & train all over the world, Italy, Norway, Ireland & England to name a few.   She will be teaching her techniques in Brazil and England in 2020.  Mary has worked on celebrities and has trained hundreds of technicians from all over the world.

Mary is a state licensed esthetician in both Florida and Colorado and prides herself on maintaining the highest standards for her clients.

When researching a technician for this service, please do not base it on price, there are many 2 day courses out there that license people without any artistic skill or knowledge of skin .  Do your due diligence, check credentials, thier experience, look at lots of pictures of the artist work and always make sure you feel confident in your technician.  Mary takes her work very seriously!

“This is your face and I take it very seriously,

Remember, “GOOD work is never cheap……..& CHEAP work is never good”.  MR