TEDxYouth@CECFC, one of northern Colorado’s signature independently organized TEDx events, has unveiled its speaker lineup for its 2019 event, “Evolve”. Speakers were chosen by the ideas that they have either built themselves, learned from past generations or challenged future generations to build onto.

“Our 12 speakers are united under one idea that we all found important in modern culture: Evolve. Specifically, we seek to examine how we as individuals and as a society can grow and change for the better. ”

Meet the Presenters

  • Adrienne Newlin is a junior at Loveland High School. Through her struggles with the Gifted and Talented education program, she wants to inspire and teach students, parents, and teachers how to be successful and find their motivation to do whatever they set their mind to.


  • Audrey Anderson is a junior in high school who is enthusiastic towards the arts, passionate about storytelling, and curious about every other aspect that life has to offer. Drawing, reading, writing, and exploring new and unfamiliar topics such as mathematics, science, and music are all hobbies she has found herself drawn to. Audrey is majoring in criminal justice and intends to explore different types of degrees in the arts and sciences when she graduates high school.


  • Branson Camp is a 17 -year-old coder and piano composer who attends Colorado Early College High School in Fort Collins. Branson is a National Honors student and a Phi Theta Kappa member who is on pace to receive his Associates of Science degree in December. He is also an android and apple app developer, math and coding tutor.


  • Cary Klataske is a performer and educator who is passionate about bringing increased education surrounding the arts. As a founding member of Fort Collins’s own ‘Comedy Brewers’, Cary is no stranger to bringing audiences to full belly laughs. He hopes today to also blend some of the unseen science behind the craft that can lead to long term benefits.


  • Christopher Blocker, PhD. is an Associate Professor in the College of Business at CSU. He teaches courses like Product Design and Design Thinking for Social Enterprise in CSU’s Impact MBA, which trains future leaders to address issues of global sustainability and social impact. Chris counts it a great privilege to help students develop the abilities, knowledge, and passion they need for their careers and life.


  • Eli Faye has always considered himself to be, well, himself at all times. He never hesitates to present his humor and empathy in his life. These things are very important to him and he can’t live without them. Overall, he loves sharing stories worth sharing.


  • Ella Bruno has been in her own dream world since she could dream. Her stories circulate through her mind far more than reality ever does, and she finished writing her first professional book in the summer of 2019. However lighthearted her hobbies may be, she is fiercely passionate about those in her community who experience homelessness and strives to make the underprivileged feel important in a society driven to make them feel forgotten.


  • Gwendolyn Rewoldt is a big fan of poetry and literature and is fascinated by the human experience. She dreams of traveling, meeting all kinds of people, and learning as much as she can about the world we live in. Whether it’s science or math, art or music, or even juggling once in a while. At the end of the day, she believes life is what you make it.


  • Jess Sklba is a high school English teacher at Colorado Early Colleges in Fort Collins. She earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin and then her Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of Northern Colorado. Her passion for teaching comes from a desire to cheer teenagers on as they become more engaged, thoughtful, and creative members of society.


  • Michael Brown has had the pleasure of working with young people as an instructor for almost 4 decades. Michael’s parents were involved in the mafia. When he was four years old his father was murdered by two mafia associates. This tragic event led him on an epic adventure of hope, drive, and courage.


  • Tobin Houchin is a girl who speaks of what she thinks, and what she thinks is everything. From questions to answers, stories to investigations, journeys to their completion, Tobin seeks to explore the aspects of the universe and how our thoughts might translate to our place within it.


  • Zachary Huss is 17 and aspires to attend the Air Force Academy to push to his skills in the field of leadership to better serve others as we collectively serve our country. Zach loves having the chance to challenge himself and others to see where our limits are and where they could be both individually and collectively. There is value in the best and in the worst things in life. It is up to us to decide what belongs where and to sort through the chaos we all endure. That is what forges the better part of ourselves from where we have already fought to be.