In their continued effort to implement sustainable practices to improve the local and global environment, The Human Bean of Northern Colorado made the move to strawless lids in each of their 10 locations on November 1. The new lids will be used for all 12-20 ounce iced and blended drinks.

“We hope this will help alleviate waste in our community,” said Frank Sherman, owner of The Human Bean. “We have been looking for the right solution for some time and are excited about this option that still meets the needs of our customers. And that it will make customers and the community more aware of the products they choose to use on a daily basis.”

The integration of strawless lids helps The Human Bean further their goals for sustainability and environmental awareness by reducing waste in a more visually engaging way. The Human Bean has already implemented other sustainable efforts in their daily operations: using recyclable cold cups, offering discounts to customers with a reusable mug, composting with coffee grounds, and establishing an employee mug policy for reduced single use.