Photographer Daniel Fox will be making a stop in Fort Collins on Nov. 8 at The Elizabeth as part of his national “Feel the Wild” book tour, sponsored by Lexus / Arc’teryx / Fujifilm. The book catalogs more than a decade of Fox’s outdoor adventures across the globe where he shares photos and stories of his encounters one on one with animals and nature.

To “Feel the Wild” is to connect with the wilderness – the untamed Nature, the untamed us, the essence of life, through all of our senses and experience everything it has to offer – the physical, the emotional, the philosophical, and the spiritual. Daniel Fox’s book of outdoor photography is ultimately about learning who we are and our place on this planet. It is a journey of growth told through the lenses of humility, vulnerability, and perspective. Published in conjunction with a North American promotional tour sponsored by Arc’teryx and Lexus (Vancouver, Calgary, Seattle, Portland, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, Denver, New York, Boston, and more), “Feel the Wild” is certain to infuse everyone with the majesty of the natural world and revive within the reader a deep
connection to every living thing.

Praise for Daniel Fox

“Fox is a modern Henry David Thoreau with the eye of an Ansel Adams. Through his compelling and intimate stories and his photography, Daniel invites us to look at nature not as a destination or as a separate entity, but rather as a mentor and mindset. His message is inspiring and reflective.”

— Chip Conley, Hospitality entrepreneur and bestselling author.

“To ‘feel the wild’ one must truly embed one’s self in it. This is obviously what Daniel Fox has spent time doing, keenly experiencing, savoring and appreciating with his whole being. His breathtaking photos and thoughtful verbal accounts reflect this communion with nature at every level.”

— Robert Bateman, Canadian naturalist and painter.

Instagram: @thewildimage
Facebook: Daniel Fox