LakotaRide Comes to NOCO

The High Plains Environmental Center welcomes the Tipi Raisers to Loveland this evening for a LakotaRide Wicoti. It’s one of several NOCO stops on a 400-mile horseback journey that started July 13 down in Salida and ends early next month at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

The annual LakotaRide (aka “Ride of Reconciliation”) brings Lakota Sioux culture to communities throughout the West. The goal is to foster conversation, camaraderie, understanding and, ultimately, healing between Lakota and non-Lakota people. It’s also the primary annual fundraiser for the Tipi Raisers, who sponsor youth leadership training, humanitarian projects, anti-poverty initiatives and cultural programs on and off the reservation.

The Wicoti (tonight from 7:30 to 9:30 at HPEC) features food, dancing, drumming, storytelling and plain old hanging out. If you want to join the riders and log some miles in the saddle, the Tipi Raisers will be riding from Loveland to Wellington tomorrow (7/20), Wellington to Carr on Sunday 7/21, and Carr to Chalk Bluffs, Wyoming on Tuesday 7/23. More info on the LakotaRide webpage.